Vermont Gas is dedicated to bringing families and businesses the tools to help contribute to the state’s carbon reduction goals and at the same time, maintain the comfort, affordability and reliability that comes with heating with natural gas.

That is why we are so pleased to offer our VGS Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Program to our customers. Recently, our RNG program was featured in a Boston Globe Editorial discussing the need for natural gas utilities to move to renewable options, such as RNG. We are thrilled to be a leader in this effort and look forward to more natural gas utilities coming aboard.

Customers can choose as little as 10% renewable natural gas for a few dollars a month. Others may wish to purchase a larger percentage. Our priority is to make it easy for our customers to choose the level that fits their budget and energy goals. We have approximately 50 customers participating in the program so far, with more joining each week. We are very pleased to count UVM Medical Center and Middlebury College among our first RNG customers and thank them for their leadership.

Converting waste from farms, landfills and waste treatment facilities into renewable natural is a technology that offers families and businesses a new and innovative renewable energy option. We all share an imperative to build a sustainable future and deep reductions in carbon emissions. We hope our New England neighbors and others across the country will continue to look to Vermont for clean energy strategies and solutions.

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