If you plan to do any type of digging on your property, you or your contractor must contact Dig Safe™ at 811, at least 48 hours prior to digging. Before the work begins, Dig Safe will notify member utilities, who will then ensure the locations of buried facilities they own (such as gas lines) are clearly marked. Insist that any work within 18 inches of the marked lines be done by hand.

If you hit a natural gas line:

  • Immediately Call 911, your local fire department, and VGS at (802) 863-4511
  • Call VGS even if the line doesn’t appear to be leaking. We’ll inspect the area and make any necessary repairs.
  • If gas is leaking, move everyone a safe distance from the area. (If you can smell gas, you’re too close.) Don’t cover the leak with dirt. This will not prevent gas from escaping and could cause it to migrate to other locations.

For more information on Dig Safe visit their website or call VGS at 863-4511.

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