Water Heating

Rating (UEF)
Monthly Lease
Installed Sale Price
(Does not include
Mail in Rebate AvailableEst. Annual
Energy Costs***
Chimney Vent40 Gallon0.62$27$2,110$0$195
Chimney Vent50 Gallon0.62$29$2,220$0$195
Direct Vent40 Gallon0.60$42$3,310$0$202
Direct Vent50 Gallon0.59$44$3,500$0$205
Power Vent40 Gallon0.70$38$3,120*$200$186
Power Vent50 Gallon0.70$40$3,260*$200$186
Electric Heat-Pump
50 Gallon3.46$39*
$29** (BED only)
$2,440** (BED only)
Electric Heat Pump
65 Gallon3.48$46*
$36** (BED only)
$3,000** (BED only)
Sale and lease prices do not include additional items that may be required to bring your home up to code.
* Price includes utility rebate.
** Price includes utility rebates available exclusively to BED customers.
*** Estimated annual electric utility costs based on heating water for a typical family. Family size, gallons-per-day, temperature rise, and energy factor values are all adjustable. Actual performance may vary.

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Rating (AFUE)
Monthly Lease
Mail in Rebate AvailableSale Price
(Does not include
Conversion BurnerN/AN/A$30$0$2,330
Rinnai EX11Heats 200-300
square feet
81% AFUEN/A$200$1,500*
Rinnai EX17Heats 400-500
square feet
81% AFUEN/A $200$1,800*
Rinnai EX22Heats 500-600
square feet
81% AFUE N/A $200$1,900*
Rinnai EX38Heats 1200
square feet
80% AFUE N/A $200$2,200*
* Direct swap-out only. New installations will incur additional costs. VGS Rebates not included in price.