We are northwest Vermont’s integrated energy services company. We offer customers safe, affordable, and reliable thermal energy service, award-winning energy efficiency programs, equipment service and maintenance, and a growing portfolio of decarbonized heating and cooling options for Vermonters.

We serve more than 55,000 families and businesses in Franklin, Chittenden, and Addison Counties and are a strong partner in Vermont’s clean energy future. Our dedicated team of 135+ Vermonters is committed to our customers, our communities, our culture, and our climate.

Our Mission

Cleaner choices today for a brighter future tomorrow.

Our Values


  • We deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy.
  • We support our community and provide the very best customer service.
  • We make it easy for customers—we listen and respond to customers’ needs.
  • We work with great partners to create inspiring opportunities.


  • We are laser-focused on safety.
  • We work as a team—with integrity, respect and trust.
  • We promote a positive work environment that values individual and team growth.
  • We are modern and nimble, encouraging creative thinking and new ideas.


  • We are committed to Vermont’s clean energy future.
  • We are passionate about embracing innovation to reduce emissions.
  • We are proud to deliver award-winning energy efficiency services.

Code of Ethics

VGS’s Code of Ethics and Conduct is about doing the right thing—acting with integrity, treating each other with respect, and following the law. Together, we share a commitment to high standards of integrity which help us provide outstanding services to customers, hire great people and conduct business with the knowledge that it matters to those we impact. In living up to this commitment, we expect each and every one of our employees, directors, and officers to conduct themselves with the highest degree of performance, professionalism, and ethical conduct when performing their duties and responsibilities with VGS.

Pipeline Safety Management System

One of VGS’ primary focuses is safety for our customers, our employees and the general public. We are always monitoring our pipeline system to provide our customers with safe and reliable service.

As part of our continued focus on safety, VGS has implemented a safety management system (SMS) that provides a comprehensive framework for managing safety and risk reduction. An SMS integrates discrete safety and integrity management programs under a single umbrella with the goal of continuous improvement and risk reduction.  Read more about VGS’s pipeline SMS here.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

VGS is committed to fostering an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and just for all. We enrich our communities, employees, customers, and state when we welcome diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of all kinds. We know that a statement outlining our commitment to end racial injustice and advance equity at VGS is only the first step. We must take bold actions in everything we do for both employees and customers, including examining and changing our policies, programs, hiring practices, and company culture, to dismantle systems of oppression that continue to exist in our society.

VGS is committed to beginning work immediately on the following steps:

  • Develop and adopt an anti-racist policy with zero tolerance for any acts or behaviors rooted in racism, discrimination, harassment or bias.
  • Incorporate Racial Equity and Bystander trainings for all new employees during onboarding and current employees as part of on-going training.
  • Ensure pay equity regardless of race, color, gender, gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation or any other legally protected status.
  • Review and modernize recruitment and hiring practices, including removal of identifiers on employment applications that might unfairly bias the employer against an applicant.
  • Foster a comfortable and mindful work environment where we acknowledge and celebrate differences.
  • Support participation in democracy by encouraging and enabling participation in civic engagement activities such has Town Meeting Day, Primary Day, Election Day or in the participation of other forms of civic engagement.
  • VGS Leadership will hold itself accountable by presenting these commitments to the Board of Directors for their review and approval, and thereafter provide to the Board regular progress reports and findings of VGS’ annual equity audit.

VGS has already completed the following steps:

  • Provide paid parental leave and sick leave for all its full-time and part-time employees.
  • Pay all its employees at least a livable wage as determined by the Vermont statute.
  • Provide a safe, anonymous forum for employees to report any instances of discrimination through our confidential third-party ethics hotline.
  • Sanction a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team made up of individuals representing a cross-section of backgrounds, work functions and leadership levels across the organization.

These steps are just the beginning. This will be a dedicated work-in-progress to ensure that VGS is an actively antiracist and fully welcoming organization that is respectful, empathetic, equitable, and inclusive. VGS is committed to continuous learning, improvement, and development over time. As such, you can expect our diversity and inclusion statement, and associated policies, to evolve over time.

DEI Statement version last updated July 21, 2020