Centrally ducted heat pumps are an energy-efficient, low-carbon way to both heat and cool your home. The heat pump integrates with your existing hot-air furnace and ductwork, as well as a smart thermostat, to send warm and cool air throughout your home. VGS is proud to offer centrally ducted heat pumps to qualifying VGS customers in Chittenden, Franklin and Addison counties, Vermont.

Lease from $62/month

A lease is an easy way to add a heat pump to your home with options starting at $62 per month, which you can pay directly on your VGS utility bill. Monthly lease price is based on 10 year terms. Service plans are also included in leases, so you get peace of mind along with an easy monthly payment. Utility rebates are built into the price of the lease. Sign up and see below for more info.

Or Purchase

If you’d prefer to purchase a centrally ducted heat pump, sign up for a free estimate. Final pricing depends on the size of your home and the rebates that are offered from your electric utility company. You can also choose to add a service plan when you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

A centrally ducted heat pump is a type of cold climate heat pump, which can draw heat from the air and amplify and transfer the heat to where it’s needed (even on cold Vermont days!)

Cold climate heat pumps are an energy efficient way to cool your home. They can be twice as efficient as cooling with window AC units, and they dehumidify better than all AC alternatives (this results in less electric energy usage).

Centrally ducted heat pumps rely on your pre-existing furnace and ductwork and are, therefore, able to heat and cool the entire home. Ductless (or mini-split) heat pumps are easier to install but may only be suited for heating and cooling an individual space within your home. Multiple ductless units may be required to heat and cool the entirety of your home.

Centrally Ducted Heat Pumps are a very efficient form of cooling  so you can expect to save money versus traditional window air conditioners and aging central air conditioning systems. With heating, the equation is more complex, though generally speaking using natural gas is less expensive than using a heat pump to heat your home. How much more depends upon the outdoor temperature you decide to switch from natural gas to heat pump.

You will save carbon. If you program your heat pump to switchover to natural gas back up heating at a higher temperature (approximately 45 degrees), VGS has found that customers’ home heating bills do not significantly increase when systems are programmed to operate at this switchover point (however, your carbon savings are reduced).

Centrally ducted heat pumps are made to operate at temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees. Heat pumps (as with all heating and cooling systems) perform better in well insulated and air sealed homes. With the VGS heat pump program, you will maintain your natural gas furnace and will always have the option to heat your home using natural gas on the coldest days.

Yes. VGS deducts state rebates from the upfront cost (up to $2,000 for Vermont residents, up to $3,250 for Burlington Electric Department customers). These rebates are incorporated into both the upfront sales cost (should you purchase) and the monthly lease cost.

Yes. Customers who purchase centrally ducted heat pumps are eligible for tax credits. Please contact your tax professional for details.

VGS currently offers both the ECoer ESi Decades and the GE Connect in 3 and 5 ton sizes.

VGS recommends you:

  • Check your air filters regularly and clean them as needed
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of snow, ice, dirt, and debris
  • Keep the outdoor coils clean (turn the unit off and use a degreasing product)
  • Don’t let plants grow within 18 inches of the heat pump (this helps ensure there is solid air flow around the unit)
  • Flush the indoor condensate pan before starting up the AC for the season

VGS intends to offer ductless heat pumps to its customers in 2024. You can be put on a waitlist now and we will follow up with you as the program becomes available.  Click Here.

Service plans are included in the price when you LEASE a centrally ducted heat pump from VGS.  For customers that decide to purchase a centrally ducted heat pump from VGS, service plans are available for $30/month. Learn more about service plans here.