VGS offers several heat pump models to fit your energy goals. We have options to warm and cool spaces, and heat water. These systems have multiple benefits. In many cases heat pumps are more efficient than fossil fuel combustion systems. If you currently heat with propane or fuel oil, heat pumps could help you lower your energy bill.1

As with all VGS services, you can count on our team of experts to help you identify the best fit for your home, your budget, and your energy objectives. Our goal is to make the process user-friendly. And, thanks to flexible options to purchase or lease, you have options to buy, install, and service these systems.

When you buy or lease heat pump equipment from VGS, you’re getting a whole lot more than just a great way to heat and cool your home or heat your hot water. You’ll get affordable lease and purchase options, a service team that is a phone call away, and an integrated approach to help you reliably keep your home comfortable all year long, while also cutting carbon.

VGS makes it easy for you by incorporating qualified utility rebates from Efficiency Vermont and your electric distribution utility into the sale and lease prices. Burlington Electric Department customers are entitled to an enhanced rebate, which VGS incorporates into the sale and lease prices. We also include service plans in leases2, so you get peace of mind along with an easy monthly payment.3

Frequently Asked Questions

Heat pumps draw warmth from the air, then amplify and transfer the heat to where it’s needed. Cold climate heat pumps are an energy efficient way to cool your home. They can be twice as efficient as cooling with window AC units, and they dehumidify better than all AC alternatives (this results in less electric energy usage).

Centrally ducted heat pumps utilize your pre-existing furnace and ductwork. This allows the system to heat and cool your home where ductwork is present, which often covers the entire home. Ductless mini-split heat pumps are wall mounted units that are generally easier to install. Depending on layout, a single unit may only be suited for heating and cooling an individual space within your home. Multiple ductless mini-split units may be required to heat and cool the entirety of your home.

Heat pumps are a very efficient solution to heat and/or cool your home. When it comes to cooling, you can expect to save money versus traditional window air conditioners and aging central air conditioning systems. With heating, the total cost of running a heat pump compared to combustion alternatives varies depending on multiple factors. If you currently heat with propane or fuel oil, heat pumps could help you lower your energy bill. Generally speaking, using natural gas is less expensive than using a heat pump to heat your home. However, individual results may vary depending on how your system is configured and how you choose to use it. Our teams will help you understand how your choices can impact your cost and carbon goals.

Heat pumps will save carbon compared to combustion systems. When heating, the amount of carbon savings depends on how much you utilize heat pumps in place of oil, propane, or natural gas you’d otherwise use. This is true of centrally ducted systems and ductless mini-splits that are integrated with an existing backup, like a boiler. In both examples, you can optimize the system to prioritize saving carbon. For instance, if you program your heat pump to switchover to natural gas at a higher temperature (approximately 45 °F), VGS has found that customers’ home heating bills do not significantly increase, yet the carbon savings are substantial. Configuring the system to rely on the heat pump at lower temperatures will increase your carbon savings. The actual amount of carbon savings will vary based on your home’s size and how well insulated it is. Our teams will help you understand how your choices can impact your cost and carbon goals.

Heat pumps are made to operate efficiently at temperatures as low as negative 15 degrees. The heat pumps VGS installs have been vetted and selected based on their ability to perform in different conditions throughout the year. As with all heating and cooling systems, heat pumps perform better in well insulated and air sealed homes. In the case of a centrally ducted heat pump, your hot air furnace is available as a backup, providing the option to heat your home using natural gas on the coldest days.

Yes. VGS deducts state rebates from the upfront cost. These rebates are incorporated into both the upfront sales cost (should you purchase) and the monthly lease cost.

Yes. Customers who purchase heat pumps are eligible for tax credits. Please contact your tax professional for details.

All heating and cooling systems benefit from regular maintenance. Heat pumps generally need the following maintenance:

  • Check your air filters regularly and clean them as needed;
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of snow, ice, dirt, and debris;
  • Keep the outdoor coils clean (turn the unit off and use a degreasing product);
  • Don’t let plants grow within 18 inches of the heat pump (this helps ensure there is adequate air flow around the unit); and
  • Flush the indoor condensate pan before starting up the AC for the season.

Please contact VGS is you have questions about maintenance for a system we have installed.

Service plans are included in the price when you lease a centrally ducted heat pump from VGS. For customers that decide to purchase a heat pump from VGS, we are working to implement a service plans in the near future. You can learn more about service plans here.

VGS leases heat pumps via a monthly charge on the bill for 10-years. After the 10-years (120 rental charges) has ended, customers will be charged the remainder balance on their VGS bill, as indicated in the lease agreement.

  1. Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, New release: Benefits of heat pumps detailed in new NREL report. February 2024. ↩︎
  2. Leasing equipment from VGS is subject to VGS review and qualification. ↩︎
  3. Please note: Service plans are currently only available for leased systems. VGS anticipates it will offer service plans for heat pumps sold and installed by VGS in the near future. ↩︎