Empower Yourself

Take Control of Your Heat by Switching to Natural Gas.

It’s good for your home, your community, the environment, and your wallet.

Lower Your Energy Bill

If you heat with fuel oil or propane now, natural gas is cheaper, so your bill will go down. 

The Power of Peace of Mind

Natural gas is regulated, so its price tends to be more stable. It’s efficient, so you’re not wasting money. And you can spread out your monthly payments evenly, so you always know what you’re going to pay. It’s a better financial choice for Vermonters.

A Brighter Future with Natural Gas

  • Switching to natural gas helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Natural gas is piped directly to your home, so there are no deliveries.
  • VGS offers is committed to being Net Zero by 2050.
  • Natural gas customers may be eligible for free home-energy audits