Lower Your Energy Bill

  • Natural gas is less expensive than oil and propane, helping you reduce your energy bills. Our Calculator will help you determine how much you can save.
  • VGS natural gas customers are eligible for free Energy Audits, as well as Financing and Rebates on the installation of new high efficient natural gas equipment.

The Power of Peace of Mind

  • Natural gas is efficient and regulated, making the price more stable, so you’re not wasting money.
  • You can spread out your monthly payments evenly, so you always know what you’re going to pay.
  • VGS offers options when it comes to service through Equipment Sales & Leases, including Heat Pump Water Heaters, and Service Plans to cover repairs on existing heating and hot water equipment.
  • Natural gas is piped directly to your home, so there are no deliveries.

A Brighter Future with Natural Gas

  • Switching to natural gas helps you reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Customers can further reduce their carbon footprint by purchasing Renewable Natural Gas.
  • VGS is committed to being Net Zero by 2050.