Detecting a Leak

Be sure you and your family know how to recognize a gas leak and what to do when you smell gas: English | Arabic | Chinese | French | Italian | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Thai | Vietnamese

1. Smell

A gas leak will give off a smell of rotten eggs. This is because natural gas is injected with a harmless but odorous substance called mercaptan.

2. Sight

If you see dirt blowing around, bubbling water or discolored vegetation near a buried natural gas line, you may have a leak.

3. Sound

Beware of a hissing or blowing sound near the gas meter, gas appliance or piping.

Suspect a Leak?

  1. Move to a safe environment.
  2. Put out any cigarettes, candles or matches.
  3. Don’t switch on any lights or appliances.
  4. Leave your doors open as you exit the building.
  5. Do not assume that someone else will report the condition.
  6. Leave the building and call us at 1-800-639-8081 or 911