If you’re in need of new equipment, VGS has an extensive list of equipment for lease or sale including water heaters, space heaters, heat pumps, and conversion burners that can convert an existing oil furnace or boiler..

Our teams service and repair natural gas and heat pump equipment and appliances.  While we do not service and repair heat pumps installed by outside vendors, we do service and repair all VGS-installed heat pump equipment, and we can service and repair your natural gas appliances even if you have purchased them from outside vendors.

We also offer Service Plans for your heating and hot water equipment. These plans are available with or without an annual preventive maintenance inspection. See the charts below for details on each of these services.

Labor Rates

Rates for Equipment Installation and Appliance Repair and Maintenance *

Time of ServiceFirst Hour***Each subsequent 15 minutes
DaysHoursOne-person crewTwo-person crewOne-person crewTwo-person crew
Mon-Fri **8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.$140$230$35$57.50
Mon-Fri **4:30 p.m. – 8:00 a.m.$210N/A$52.50N/A
SaturdayMidnight to Midnight$210N/A$52.50N/A
Sunday and Holidays **Midnight to Midnight$280N/A$70.00N/A
* Equipment installation appointments are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. only
** Sunday rates apply until 8 a.m. Monday
*** One-hour minimum charge, including travel time to the address, followed by 15-minute increments

Service Plans

At VGS, we know how important it is to keep your family safe, your home warm, and your water hot!  Breakdowns of your residential gas heating equipment are generally unpredictable and can cause undue stress.  It can be frustrating to find a contractor available to work on your equipment and parts alone can cost hundreds of dollars.

Give yourself, and your family, peace of mind, save time and money on unexpected and costly repairs with a VGS Service Plan. See prices and terms in the chart below.

Note: You must purchase a service plan for each piece of equipment you want to cover.

For questions about our Service Plan, email us at customerservice@vermontgas.com or call us at (802) 863-4511.

Equipment Type Monthly Payment
Heating System Coverage
Heating with Annual Inspection*$21.40
Combination Heating/Hot Water Unit
Combo Unit**$17.10
Combo Unit with Annual Inspection*$22.90
Water Heater Coverage
Water Heater (Tank Style)$5.90
Annual inspections must be scheduled and performed between February 1 and August 31. Requests for inspections outside these dates will be charged at normal hourly billing rates:
One-person labor rate—$140.00/hour.
Two-person labor rate—$230.00/hour.
** Combo unit is one piece of equipment that heats your home and supplies hot water.
Prices effective February 1, 2024
For questions about our Service Plan, email us at customerservice@vermontgas.com or call us at 802-863-4511.