Latest Initiative Part of VGS Leading-Edge Plan to Decarbonize Its Operations by 2050

South Burlington, Vt. – VGS, a national leader in efforts to significantly reduce carbon emissions from thermal energy use, announced today that it has partnered with the Vermont Land Trust (VLT) as part of its Forest Carbon Cooperative. By purchasing locally generated carbon credits through VLT, VGS will entirely offset emissions from its company vehicle and fuel usage for all of 2021 with a plan to expand the partnership in future years.

The Forest Carbon Cooperative is a first-of-its kind initiative that helps Vermont’s forestland owners participate in the voluntary carbon market. As part of this initiative, ten landowners, managing 7,500 acres of forestland in the northern Green Mountains, receive payment and support to manage their lands for enhanced climate benefits. Many partners, including Cold Hollow to Canada (a community-based organization in the Northern Greens), The Nature Conservancy, UVM, and Spatial Informatics Group supported the launch of the Forest Carbon Cooperative.

“We have set our sights on decarbonization by 2050 and converting our fleets will be part of that work,” said Neale Lunderville, VGS President and CEO. “This partnership is an incredible local opportunity to work with our friends at VLT to start making a difference now with these locally generated offsets. The Forest Carbon Cooperative is an example of VLT’s far-sighted vision to support both working lands and the Vermont economy, and has the added benefit of supporting families across Vermont as they adopt sustainable forest management practices,” he added.

“This program, as well as projects like our partnership with Vanguard’s farm-based digester in Salisbury and district energy in Burlington, get us closer to meeting our climate goals. VGS is proud to be a partner in these efforts and we look forward to more in the future,” Lunderville shared.

“We applaud VGS for their leadership and commitment to supporting local climate solutions,” said Nick Richardson, President and CEO of the Vermont Land Trust. “By purchasing these credits, VGS is helping to strengthen the economic and environmental health of our forests and our state as a whole. Managing for carbon leads directly to other important benefits, including clean water, flood resilience, wildlife habitat, and human health and wellbeing.”

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The Vermont Land Trust is a statewide, member-supported, nonprofit land conservation organization. Since 1977, the Vermont Land Trust has protected 2,000 parcels of land covering nearly 600,000 acres. This includes more than 900 working farms and farmland parcels, hundreds of thousands of acres of productive forestland, and numerous parcels of community lands. For more information, visit

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