In the wake of last month’s natural gas incident, thousands of Massachusetts families and businesses remain without gas service. As winter approaches, the need to restore heat is urgent and Massachusetts officials estimate it will likely take many more weeks to complete. Vermont Gas announced today it will send two of its team members to help with the restoration process.

“Last month’s event was devastating for our neighbors in Massachusetts and our crews immediately began asking ‘what can we do to help?’ said John St. Hilaire, Vice President of Operations. “We work hard to ensure our customers can depend on safe, reliable service, and our teams take great pride in being able to help others when needed.”

The process of restoring service is laborious. Technicians must return to each and every customer whose gas service was turned off, test internal piping, replace all appliances and ensure the system and appliances are connected properly. Vermont Gas Service Technician, Dan Hammond will spend the next seven days with the restoration team. He will be replaced by Heidi Faunce on October 14.

“I’m glad to help out in any way,” said Dan Hammond, Vermont Gas service technician. “The cold weather is coming, and we want to be able to help families safely return to their homes.”

Added Heidi Faunce, “I am proud to have the skills that will help make a difference for the people who were impacted in Massachusetts.”

Vermont Gas is a culture focused on safety but are reminding customers that they have an important role to play too.

“While we have a different system than our neighbors in Massachusetts, and are not connected in any way, this is a good time to remind folks to be vigilant when it comes to natural gas safety,” St. Hilaire said. “If you ever suspect there is a leak or smell gas – call 1-800-639-8081 right away.”

For more natural gas safety tips, visit Vermont Gas will continue to offer updates on the restoration process.