Earlier this week, Vermont Gas joined a state-wide coalition to help achieve the December 2015 Paris Climate Agreement pledge by the United States and to mitigate the impact of the Federal government’s recent withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

We are proud to stand with so many state officials and business leaders who are as committed as we are to a clean energy future. The organizations and businesses that make up the Vermont Climate Pledge Coalition are standing together to show the rest of the country how strong our commitment is to a cleaner environment.

Natural gas is a clean and affordable energy choice and we are excited to help families and businesses make the switch from oil and propane helping them to significantly reduce their energy cost and their carbon footprint. Of course, the cleanest energy around is the energy we don’t use at all, that is why we are so committed to energy efficiency.

Our award-winning efficiency programs have helped more than 30,000 customers save money and reduce their energy needs. When you combine conversion to natural gas and energy efficiency, our customers are making a big difference for our environment. Over the past year, Vermont Gas customers have averted almost 290,000 (289,304) metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by using natural gas instead of oil or propane and participating in our energy efficiency programs. That is the equivalent to the annual energy use of 30,000 homes.

We look forward to continuing our mission of helping families save money and reduce their carbon impact – and this pledge was an important step in us furthering that mission.

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