94 rooftop solar panels generate renewable power, contribute to clean energy goals

South Burlington, VT – Vermont Gas announced today it is now generating its own renewable energy, thanks to nearly 100 solar panels it installed on its South Burlington Offices. The project, which is part of the Company’s commitment to sustainability, will allow the Company to produce clean energy and help contribute to a clean energy future.

“Vermont Gas is committed to playing a very active role in helping advance Vermont’s clean energy goals and our solar project is just the latest example of that commitment,” said Don Rendall, President and CEO of Vermont Gas. “We have joined forces with other utilities, as well as state and business leaders, to reaffirm our focus on helping customers choose renewable energy and I am very excited to start leveraging the power we create right at the office.”

For the past two weeks, the Company has worked with Randolph, Vermont based Catamount Solar to install the solar panels. These panels, during peak times, will help the Company save over $6,500 annually on electricity costs.

“By going solar, Vermont Gas is now taking advantage of their roof space to generate clean energy, earn a return on investment, and contribute to Vermont’s renewable energy goals,” said Keith Epstein, of the South Burlington Energy Committee. “The South Burlington Energy Committee encourages all business owners to make a New Year’s Resolution to reduce their business energy needs through efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy.”

Vermont Gas has a newly created Sustainability Committee that is working on other innovative ways employees can help reduce the Company’s overall carbon footprint, including encouraging walking, biking, carpooling to work, decreasing use of paper products and increasing the building’s efficiency.

“Vermont is a model of what can be accomplished when we make environmental stewardship a core value,” Rendall said. “We look forward to continuing to do our part to ensure this great State we call home remains healthy and vibrant.”

For more information on the Company’s efficiency programs visit VermontGas.com.

About VGS

VGS is a leader in energy efficiency and innovation, offering a clean, safe, affordable choice for over 54,000 homes, businesses, and institutions in Franklin, Chittenden and Addison counties. The company plays an important role in Vermont’s clean energy future by displacing higher-emitting fuels, offering renewable natural gas service, and delivering award-winning energy efficiency programs. VGS is leading the country in the development of local renewable energy generation and has targeted a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and becoming Net Zero by 2050. For more information about Vermont Gas visit www.vgsvt.com

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