Vermont Gas is looking to the future. The Company recently submitted an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to the Public Utility Commission (PUC) as a framework for evaluating long-term resource strategies and plans. The IRP integrates several planning phases, including a demand forecast, supply-side and energy efficiency resource planning and financial planning. The IRP covers the 20-year period from October, 2017 through September, 2037.

The primary planning objective for VGS is to provide safe and reliable energy products and services to Vermont families and businesses at reasonable and affordable prices, and to provide leadership in achieving Vermont’s clean energy future. The IRP identifies certain strategies that achieve that objective. Some of the strategies are presently underway, such as bringing the choice and opportunity of natural gas and efficiency services to Addison County and developing renewable natural resources, while others are based on future market developments. In this manner, the IRP describes the framework for future resource decisions.

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