Weatherization describes home improvements to air seal and insulate the exterior surfaces of a home — such as basements, walls, and attics — to reduce heat loss, increase comfort, and improve indoor air quality.

Having an energy evaluation is an important first step to understand where your home is losing heat and identify ways to help reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

VGS can help support your weatherization upgrades through a variety of program pathways:

  • All customers are eligible for incentives and special financing when hiring a Building Performance Institute (BPI) contractor
  • Properties with high energy use may qualify for a comprehensive energy audit by a VGS Building Analyst
  • Our Energy Coach can help identify low-cost improvements to immediately reduce your heating bills and make your home more comfortable

Weatherization Rebates

Great incentives are still available for comprehensive weatherization projects that are scheduled for completion by 12/31/2024:

Single Family Home

50% rebate on a qualifying weatherization project up to $3,500
  • When tenants pay the VGS bill, the project is eligible for a 75% rebate (rebate paid to landlord)
  • Income-qualified households are eligible for a 75% rebate up to $5,000 (moderate income) or $9,500 (low income). Households requesting the $9,500 rebate should complete an Income Verification Form and submit to Champlain Housing Trust to determine eligibility.

Multi-Family Property

50% rebate on a qualifying weatherization project up to $7,500
  • When tenants pay the VGS bill, the project is eligible for a 75% rebate (rebate paid to landlord)
  • Multi-family home incentives apply to 4 units or less. For multi-family homes over 4 units please contact us at

Townhouse & Condo

  • 75% rebate on a qualifying weatherization project up to $1,000 per unit
  • For multiple units or buildings please contact us at

Manufactured Homes

  • 75% rebate on duct sealing, roof, and belly insulation up to $4,875
  • 75% rebate on duct sealing and roof (or belly) insulation up to $2,850
  • 100% rebate is available for low-income qualified customers

Low-Interest Financing

Our lending partner, Green Mountain Credit Union, offers special financing for loan amounts up to $20,000 for 1-5 year terms. Longer term loans are available but annual percentage rate (APR) and other terms may vary.

0% APR financing on weatherization projects
  • Project financing can also include qualifying health & safety improvements required to complete a comprehensive weatherization project
5.99% APR financing on weatherization projects when including heat pumps
  • Project financing can also include other energy upgrades incurred by the homeowner, such as heat pumps
On-bill Financing through the Weatherization Repayment Assistance Program
  • WRAP provides eligible residential VGS customers the ability to finance home weatherization upgrades on their utility bill. A participant can pay for qualifying weatherization projects like insulation and air sealing, as well as heat pumps and advanced wood heating systems, through a monthly charge on their gas bill that can be paid back over time. The cost of WRAP will stay with the meter of the home if the dwelling is sold or changes ownership.
  • This program is available for moderate-income households (earning less than 120% of area median income) with 12 consecutive months of on-time VGS bill payment history.

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for incentives and financing, a weatherization project must be performed by a BPI-certified contractor and achieve a minimum air leakage reduction of 10%.
  • Customers can phase their improvements in over time if desired, however the total rebate cap is fixed for individual properties.
  • Financing is subject to approval by Green Mountain Credit Union.
  • Rebates and financing offers subject to change. These offers are good through 12/31/2024.