On the evening of Monday, October 24, 2022, a construction crew conducting repairs on a water main on Pine Street in Burlington, VT struck one of VGS’s lines. VGS was notified at 5:27pm. Our technicians promptly responded and arrived on the scene, assessed the situation, and began work to shut off gas service in the area.  

Preliminary estimates indicated approximately 270 customers were impacted. VGS technicians are in the area with Burlington Public Works officials and first responders, and are allocating resources to repair the line.  

VGS technicians will remain in the area to begin the process of restoring service. Real-time updates follow the mapping tool:

OCTOBER 25 UPDATE 6:45pm: VGS technicians have attempted to contact all of the customers in the vicinity of Pine Street where an October 24 water main project caused damage to a gas line, interrupting service. Approximately 85% of these customers have had their service restored. VGS teams have visited the remaining 15% of customers’ homes and businesses and left information on how to restart service. Please call (802) 863-4511 and our team will assist with next steps.

OCTOBER 25 UPDATE 11:45am: VGS technicians have made steady progress to restore service to customers in the vicinity of Pine Street where an October 24 water main repair led to damage of a gas line. Approximately 130 of the 270 impacted customers have had service restored. For those customers who are not home, VGS personnel is leaving information at customers’ doors and stand ready to assist with requests to restart gas service. If you have questions, please call (802) 863-4511.

OCTOBER 25 UPDATE 8:15am: VGS technicians are circulating in the Pine Street area where gas service was temporarily interrupted following an October 24, 2022 line strike during a water main repair. These technicians will be in the vicinity of Central Avenue, Conger Avenue, Flynn Avenue, Harbor Watch Road, Harrison Avenue, Lakeside Avenue, Pine Street, Sears Lane, Wells Street, and Wright Avenue. If you have questions about the process to restart your gas service, please call (802) 863-4511.

OCTOBER 24 UPDATE 8:30pm: VGS teams are working to safely make repairs and quickly restore service. In addition to parts of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Flynn Avenue, customers located on parts of the following thoroughfares are impacted: Central Avenue, Conger Avenue, Flynn Avenue, Harbor Watch Road, Harrison Avenue, Lakeside Avenue, Sears Lane, Wells Street, Wright Avenue.

OCTOBER 24 UPDATE 9:45pm: VGS crews are making progress to repair the line on Pine Street. Following completion of repairs, VGS teams will shift to the process of restoring service for each impacted customer in the area. For the majority of these customers, VGS personnel will fan out starting the morning of Tuesday, October 25 to contact home and business owners to complete the process. Additional updates will be provided as service is restored. We thank you for your patience.