South Burlington, Vermont – Vermont Gas customers continue to praise the company and its quality of service, according to an annual independent survey of Vermont Gas customers. More than 98% of Vermont Gas customers say they would recommend the Company to their friends and family.

“Our customers have choices when it comes to their energy services. That is why it’s so gratifying to have our customers give our team such high marks for our quality of service and say they would recommend Vermont Gas to their friends and family,” said Don Rendall, Vermont Gas CEO.  “From our award-winning efficiency programs to our new VGS Renewable Natural Gas Program, we are proud to be northwest Vermont’s integrated energy services provider. Our team is committed every day to providing our customers with an extraordinary customer experience that delivers affordable, efficient and clean energy.”

Each spring, an independent marketing expert surveys a random sample of residential and commercial customers and compiles the results. In addition to a high quality of service, over 98% of customers praised the Company’s commitment to safety.

“Safety is at the heart of everything we do at Vermont Gas. Our robust public awareness programs help ensure that our customers have the knowledge they need to stay safe,” said Dave Attig, safety manager at Vermont Gas. “In addition, we are members of DigSafe New England, we coordinate with local fire departments and first responders, and we conduct comprehensive training to prepare employees – and any external contractors – to perform their jobs safely.”

Natural gas continues to be among the safest, cleanest and most affordable heating choice for Vermonters. Natural gas costs 39% less than heating oil and 54% less than propane (June 2018).