Vermont Gas Systems plans to offer renewable natural gas (RNG) to customers this year. Renewable natural gas from agriculture and landfills will be offered to participating customers who sign up for the program.

“This is an environmental win-win for our customers. Natural gas is a cleaner and more affordable home heating option for almost 50,000 Vermont families and businesses. Beginning this fall, our customers can further reduce their carbon footprint by choosing to heat their homes and businesses with renewable natural gas,” said Vermont Gas CEO Don Rendall.

Capturing methane from farms and landfills provides dual environmental benefits by preventing an intense greenhouse gas pollutant from entering the atmosphere (allowing the constructive use of a waste product as energy) and displacing other higher-emitting fuels such as heating oil and propane.

“Vermont Gas is determined to help lead the way toward Vermont’s clean energy future,” stated Rendall.

Local businesses are already expressing interest in purchasing RNG from Vermont Gas.

“Seventh Generation fully supports using Renewable Natural Gas,” said John Replogle, Seventh Generation’s CEO.  “Adding RNG to our energy portfolio will be key to meeting our 2020 Goal of obtaining energy from only non-fossil fuels, thereby significantly reducing our carbon footprint. This innovative initiative will also put Vermont on a path to reducing its carbon footprint and its dependence on fossil fuels, thereby protecting the health of our communities, and of our planet, for future generations.”

The RNG option will be offered to customers in 2017, pending approval from the Public Service Board. Customers will be able to purchase 10-100% of their gas as RNG.