Happy New Year! The start of the new year is a moment to reflect on the past twelve months and consider where we are going in the year ahead. At VGS, we have much to be grateful for. Our gratitude starts with you: on behalf of the entire team at VGS, I thank you for choosing us for your energy needs.

The last few years have not been easy ones for many in our community. Impacts from the pandemic continue to reverberate in energy, healthcare, and public safety. The pinch of inflation – the cost of things – nips us in our checkbooks. And this year’s record rainfall has added to the stress and strain in towns hard hit by flooding.

Despite these challenges, the resilience of Vermonters shines through. We see recovery and growth across our state. Community initiatives have sprung up to support those impacted most, and there’s a renewed focus on forging a stronger, more sustainable future for all. This resilience is not just about enduring; it’s about adapting and thriving, laying the groundwork for a Vermont that’s even more robust and interconnected than before. VGS is excited and committed to being a part of this important work.

For almost six decades, VGS has ensured that our neighbors are kept safe and cozy through every season. We take great pride in providing exceptional service to our customers and community. Simply put, you are our priority.

Our commitment to community means doing our part to fight climate change and help protect our state from the devastating effects of increasingly erratic and damaging weather. Our sharp focus on climate is not typical among natural gas utilities, but VGS isn’t a typical company, and we are not content to sit on the sidelines. We have clear vision to evolve our products and services to help customers emit fewer greenhouse gases, while keeping costs down and within tight budgets. As a state, we must find innovative ways to cut carbon without spiking the price of energy, and VGS is committed to leading the charge.

In the year ahead, you will see VGS add new products to keep your home comfortable year-round at a price that you afford. You can look forward to increased incentives for weatherization, the launch of a new line of heat pump products, and low-interest loan options for financing new heating and cooling equipment. And, as always, our dedicated teams are standing by and ready to respond when you need us most.

It’s a privilege to serve you and our communities across northwest Vermont. On behalf of the entire VGS team, thank you again for trusting us with your energy needs. We look forward to assisting you in the year ahead.

Best wishes,

Neale F. Lunderville

President & CEO