Vermont Gas announced today that it is a charter member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency National Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program. The voluntary program provides a new mechanism through which companies like Vermont Gas can make and track ambitious commitments to reduce methane emissions.

“We are committed to a clean energy future and that means reducing emissions any way we can,” said Vermont Gas President and CEO Don Rendall. “We are proud to be a part of this EPA program. Vermont Gas has a strong record of work that eliminates and avoids methane emissions. We support both voluntary and regulatory efforts to prevent methane emissions through efficiency programs, local distribution and more.”

Participating in this Challenge is part of the company’s overall commitment to a clean energy future. In December 2015, Rendall supported national methane management rules under consideration by the EPA to sharply reduce emissions in oil and gas production, processing, and transportation.

In 2014, a Google car equipped with the latest technology to detect even very small methane emissions in Vermont Gas’ Burlington distribution system determined that the Vermont Gas system has one of the lowest levels of methane emissions in the country. In recent decades, Vermont Gas has replaced older pipe and maintained an aggressive emissions survey program of its own.

Vermont Gas Vice President Ned Farquhar attended the STAR Methane Challenge Program launch this morning in Washington, DC. “Energy efficiency, renewables, new technologies, responsible development and use of natural gas is crucial to the world’s clean energy future,” said Farquhar. “Vermont plays a leadership role in many different ways.”

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