Updated at 9:15am on August 4, 2023
Areas in and around Middlebury, Vermont experienced flash flooding overnight. VGS crews were dispatched and will be conducting surveys in the area throughout the day to assess and address impacts.

If you are experiencing water damage or flooding: Basement flooding is a serious hazard. Approach with extreme caution. If you are concerned about your gas service or appliances, please call (800) 639-2112 and we’ll provide you with information on how to proceed. 

  • If natural gas equipment (furnace, boiler, water heater, etc.) has been under water, you should contact a qualified plumbing and heating contractor, or VGS, to have the equipment checked for safe operation. In general, most or all standing water needs to be removed from a basement before work can be performed.
  • If you suspect your gas meter was under water, or if you see a gas pipeline which was buried but has been exposed by flooding, contact VGS at (800) 639-8081 to have the service inspected for safe operation.
  • As always, if a gas odor is present leave the premises, and call VGS at (800) 639-8081 immediately. Do not use any appliances, operate any electrical switches or smoke if a gas odor is present.