Why switch to natural gas?  Shouldn’t I be trying to get away from using fossil fuels?

VGS Can Help

The facts are pretty simple: heating your home or business in Vermont’s cold climate is a messy, inconvenient, and expensive task that Vermonters have to deal with. You have plenty of options to choose from for heat, price points to consider, and considerations around carbon emissions.


Natural gas is the best choice in Vermont for comfort, cost, and climate.  It’s safe, it’s more affordable than other heating alternatives, and it’s convenient.  What you may not know, is that the folks at VGS, people who live and work here in Vermont and pay the same heat bills you do, are working very hard to make our product more renewable and your homes and businesses more efficient so that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions that build a better tomorrow.  

Happy with the product we have today and what it costs? 

No problem.  We’re working to bring renewables into our overall supply—just like your electric companies did.  

Choosing VGS is choosing an affordable path to a more renewable future.

We can’t wait to take you there.